Monday, January 16, 2012

What Whalebone is "Trending" This Spring!

 Clothing trends is a common discussion topic in Whalebone.  What's hot, what's not and what is always "in".  No matter how many sportswear lines I have seen this season, there were several trends that inherently make into every collection.  

Having always been an avid reader of high-fashion mags such a Vogue, Nylon, and InStyle to name a few, I never thought that seasonal trends would be just as prevalent  in the forefront in the surf industry and I was seriously mistaken. While the typical customer that's shops at Gucci and the girl who lives in Billabong may be two very different women, the trends they love and look for in the clothes they wear are very much the same.  This season there five trends that I cannot get enough of and all of the trends are very much present in each Whalebone Surf Shop location.

Trend 1: P. O. C  (POP OF COLOR)

I would like to give a shout out to Brad Goreski for spelling that one out for me.  For those of you who are not addicted to the BRAVO Network, he is styling powerhouse Rachel Zoe's former styling assistant.   The concept behind throwing in a pop of color is simple.  Incorporate color in your wardrobe every day in both blatant and suddle ways.  Whether it be a sock in a neon hue or a bold denim choice, color is necessary.  We have lots of brights for Spring in both swimwear and sportswear.  I do not think our lady shoppers have as much difficulty with this trend, for the fellas I recommend something easy like a pair of Stance socks.  Socks are necessity so make them fun!

2. The Year of the Monokini

One pieces are finally not just fashionable but functional, well sort of functional.  One pieces were in almost every line for Spring.  L*Space, Vitamin A, Billabong and Volcom all did beautiful monokinis that we will carry in Whalebone.  They look great one the beach, by the pool or even paired with your favorite pair of cut-offs.  One of my personal favorites is the "Stardust" one piece by L*Space.  Billabong also did a wonderful swimsuit called the "Alessa" that we will carry for Spring.  Check out the "Alessa" pictured below. 

3. Flora and Fauna Tropical Prints

Think hawaiian print but for the fashion girl, if that is not an oxymoron already.  While the typically cheesy idea of the tropical print on shirts and dresses has been considered passe by the more hip and youthful crowd, this year heavy hitters such as Billabong and O'Neill are turning out their updates to the classic look on everything from swimwear, dresses to accessories.  In the most recent issue of Nylon magazine, they devoted an entire feature to the trend.   I am loving this Billabong tube dress pictured below.

4.  70's Chic

I like to think of this trend as a mix of  Dazed and Confused meets the Coachella music festival. In my eyes Boho is always in and if you walk in Whalebone this is one trend you will see on multiple racks.  Everywhere I turn I see FRINGE, FRINGE and more FRINGE.  It's on the L*Space "Audrey" halter top. Its on the Billabong Oracle Fox meshed cardigan.  It is hanging the the crocheted tanks and ponchos hanging in the Whalebone Urban Surf window.  Spring will be filled with calf-length skirts and dresses.  It will be filled with tie-dye over-sized tanks and peasant dresses.  It looks like the 70's are here to stay people and if you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet, you probably should.   The "How Bizarre" calf-length skirt by O'Neill is one of my favorite 70's inspired pieces that Whalebone will be featuring this spring.  I also love the "Skirtskee" tie-dyes maxi skirt by Billabong.  It is already hanging in my closet!

Last but not least....


I cannot begin to stress enough how much I absolutely love to layer.  Open any magazine or ask any trend forecaster and they would agree.  Throw on a cropped tank by Posso for Volcom with a black bralette and BAM, layering made easy.  The "bralette" is the new "bandeau".  I like to pair brightly hued bralettes with a sheer tank or blouse for an edgy day-to-night look.  Layering is an easy, accessible and most of all affordable trend for anyone to try.  Stop by your local Whalebone and let any of our resident fashionistas help you find that perfect layered look!

Keep trending my friends.  Looking good never goes out of style!

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